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Preparing for the future with ETL Global

Relying on the resources of a global network

There are more than a few reasons and arguments to join a consulting network. With three major challenges for the professional services industry ahead, it is easier to make it with the experience of a worldwide network of experts.

Challenge I: Specialisation

In today’s competitive business environment, for many the obvious solution is to offer more diversified services, which is much more practicable in a larger company. However, the flip side is that the expansion of consultancy services entails a substantial financial risk for advisers. Being part of an umbrella organisation like ETL Global gives flexibility to change with the market and helps to react quickly to clients’ needs. From ETL Global you can expect support in a full range of specialised services.

Challenge II: Internationalisation

Ongoing internationalisation presents challenges and opportunities for professional services firms. For example, VAT is increasingly becoming an issue as many companies work across borders. Every market is subject to its own rules and every country speaks its own language, so why not make use of the international presence that ETL Global is offering. More than 220 firms in more than 50 countries have joined us, enabling us to have access to many regions of the world. We are working closely with our international partners who speak the language and know the market, its characteristics and the underlying legal system. All partners within ETL Global will provide you and your clients with excellent services, wherever they are.

Challenge III: Digitalisation

Digitalisation and new technologies have the power to revolutionise the market for professional services. Web-based solutions such as clouds or safe server services are about to become standard and they have the potential to improve accountancy practices. In turn, firms will have more time available to focus on strategy and development. However, innovation and investment in financial technology can be very expensive for smaller companies. ETL Global offers its partners innovative software solutions and provides the necessary expertise for all kinds of related IT services in many countries, such as archiving and data protection services, eBilling and many more. When it comes to finding ideas, solutions and entrepreneurial guidance, there is no substitute for experience. There is no better adviser than a successful colleague or entrepreneur from the same industry, who knows the business environment, the clients, market opportunities and challenges.

If all of this sounds plausible to you, then learn more about ETL Global.

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