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Jamie Patton, Head of Department (RTA & Credit Hire Recovery) at Glaisyers Solicitors LLP & his credit hire team are changing things.

The RTA and Credit Hire team, here at Glaisyers, is launching a new streamlined credit car hire recovery process. The team’s new approach will help car hire companies that are looking to improve business profitability by speeding up cash-flow in their recoveries.

The life blood of credit car hire companies is ensuring speedy recovery of their fees. This is also their biggest challenge and has become even more daunting in recent years with insurers employing a tactic of delay and zero offers with a view to forcing all claims to a final court hearing, no matter the value. The impact of this has been significant. Not only is there an enforced delay in recovery of outlay, but it creates significant costs associated with litigating to recover that money.

This portion of an RTA claim is already the “loss leading” part of an overall personal injury claim. This will be even more so the case when the whiplash reforms come into effect in April 2020. The reforms mean that recovering costs through personal injury cases will no longer be a viable means by which credit hire companies can look to have credit hire litigation ran by law firms.

In order to help credit car hire companies as much as possible to be ready for this massive change, Glaisyers has created a service offering that enables credit hire companies to successfully pursue the recovery of their losses on “pure hire” cases at an affordable cost.

Jamie Patton, head of RTA and Credit Hire, says: “Glaisyers have sought to professionalise this service offering by making it a key area of focus for its Credit Hire Team – both in terms of its emphasis and investment in case flow systems. We now aim to provide a streamlined service where technology is employed to speed up and smooth out the claims process ensuring that clients are quickly engaged and we can issue proceedings on the client’s behalf within 21 days of receipt of instructions at affordable prices that allow cost effective commercial recovery.”

Glaisyers Solicitors has been working with the credit hire industry for over 20 years and we believe this new service offering could really transform things for companies in the industry.

In November 2018 Glaisyers was acquired by the ETL Global Group, an international professional services group present in more than 50 countries. Jamie joined the firm in April 2018 to head up the department and implement the change program that is now coming to fruition. He comes with 25 years of experience in managing teams focused on process driven legal work as well as being an accomplished lawyer in his own right.

If you are a Credit Hire Organisation that requires assistance in the speedy recovery of your hire charges, contact the Credit Hire Team for a meeting on 0161 833 5668.

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