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Dimitris Loukis

mgr | Accounting | London


Say hello to our Greek desk Accounting representative

Dimitris Loukis, Management Accountant

020 7625 4545


Dimitris Loukis, our Greek Desk contact from mgr, holds a degree in Business Administration from University of Piraeus and a Masters degree in International Accounting from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh). With his extensive experience working with both UK and Greek accountancy firms, he can support Greek businesses every step of the way, providing financial clarity and timely guidance to help achieve their goals. 


As a native Greek speaker, Dimitris understands the difficulties that communicating in a foreign language can present, and can offer you tailored advice to assist with any cross-border business transactions. Dimitris is a Management Accountant at mgr, a London-based firm of chartered accountants who offer a specialist service for inward investors to the UK. If you’re an overseas business investing in the UK, you’re likely to be presented with a number of challenges – mgr can guide you through these.


Mgr aims to offer specific advice to help you structure your UK operations in the best possible way, including providing day-to-day accounting, audit, administration and taxation advice, and ensuring compliance with UK obligations.

Their specialist Inward Investment service is suitable from the very beginning of your business set-up, through the growth phase and onto large-scale expansion and acquisitions. Many of mgr’s clients operate in international markets – the firm works closely with them and their international advisors on cross-border and transfer pricing, to ensure optimal global results.